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Truvalue Labs™ applies AI to uncover opportunities and risks hidden in massive volumes of unstructured data.


Separate the signals from the 
noise to help you manage risk 
and uncover opportunities to outperform.

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A robust, timely set of ESG 
data and analytics on intangible factors that have a material impact on company value.

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Leverage our AI to activate material insights in your proprietary data.

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The power of AI-driven ESG insights, captured in benchmarks designed for the needs of today’s investors.

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Leverage our datasets via APIs or data feeds to create your own custom ESG solutions.

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Solutions for

Asset Managers

Idea generation, research and engagement, portfolio construction and analysis, monitoring.

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Asset Owners

Manager selection, monitoring, and dialogue. Responsiveness to end investor inquiries.

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Quantitative Managers

Alpha testing, index construction, smart beta portfolio construction, risk management.

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Fixed Income Managers

Leverage timely, objective, material ESG information to identify and manage risk and preserve capital.

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Truvalue AI™

Learn about the powerful artificial intelligence engine behind our products.

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We are at the convergence of three mega trends

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Meet our global academic research network

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Coronavirus ESG Monitor

Trends and insights where the COVID-19 pandemic intersects with ESG issues.

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ESG Implications of Coronavirus

Navigate the ESG implications of COVID-19 with the latest trends, research and news.

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Truvalue Labs is now part of FactSet. Click to learn more about ESG Investing Solutions.