Academic Research Network

Connecting the world’s leading academics with Truvalue Labs’ AI-generated ESG data.


Boston University
Columbia University
Duke University
Harvard University 
Maastricht University
New York University
Oxford University
Stanford University
Tilburg University
University of Basel
University of British Columbia
University of California, Berkeley 

University of California, Irvine 
University of Cardiff
University of Exeter
University of Maryland 
University of North Carolina, Charlotte
University of Oregon 
University of Pennsylvania
University of São Paulo 
University of Siena 
University of Utah 
University of Washington
Yale University

Alba Graduate Business School 
Bentley College
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano 
IMD Business School
Ohio University
Politecnico di Milano
Queens University
St Mary’s College of California 
Université Laval
University of Zaragoza 
Waterloo University 
Western Michigan University 

Sample Research Projects

Researchers from leading academic institutions around the world are using ESG data from Truvalue Labs™ in their investigations. Learn more about their projects and contact Dr. Jim Hawley with further inquiries.

George Serafeim

Harvard Business School

Corporate Resilience and Response During COVID-19

Witold J. Henisz

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton

ESG, Material Credit Events, and Credit Risk

Rachelle Sampson

University of Maryland

How short-termism in firms and capital markets affects firm strategy, growth and investment, including investments related to ESG metrics

Costanza Consolandi

University of Siena

Better Fewer, But Better: Stock Returns and the Financial Relevance and Financial Intensity of Materiality

Satyajit Bose

Columbia University

Examining the dynamic between ESG trends using Truvalue Labs’ scores versus changes in relative valuation and versus EBIT

Collaborators: Andre Shepley

Ben Caldecott

University of Oxford

ESG data and macroeconomic (country-level) performance at the country level

Collaborator: Xiaoyan Zhou

Aaron Yoon

Northwestern University

Does the Market React to Corporate ESG News?

Dariusz Wojcik

Oxford University

Sustainable Financials: Assessing the Financial Sector’s Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

David Larcker

Stanford University

Whether and How Hedge Fund Activism Affects ESG

Frank Partnoy

UC Berkeley


Truvalue Labs is proud of our Academic Research Network that enables academic researchers to make use of our timely ESG data created with the power of artificial intelligence. Researchers come from a variety of disciplines and focus on a host of topics

We make Truvalue Labs’ data available and coordinate among academic researchers on projects they develop or on topics jointly developed.  We help academic researchers to make discoveries in the world of ESG and investment risk/opportunity using Truvalue Labs’ unique datasets.

About Dr. Jim Hawley

Jim Hawley, PhD, is Head, Applied Research at Truvalue Labs. He is also Professor Emeritus of Management, School of Economics and Business at Saint Mary College of California.

He is the author of The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism (2001) and co-editor of Corporate Governance Failures: The role of institutional investors in the global financial crisis (2011), The Cambridge Handbook of Institutional Investment and Fiduciary Duty (2014), The Routledge Handbook of Responsible Investment (2015) and The Purpose of Asset Management (2018).

Based on feedback from his ESG network of peers, Jim created Truvalue Labs’ Academic Research Network to enable better collaboration among principal investigators using Truvalue Labs’ ESG data.