Kimberly-Clark awards foreshadowed by daily ESG performance

Blog October 18, 2018

This October, Texas-based manufacturing firm Kimberly-Clark earned recognition from Ethical Corporation in a London awards ceremony for the firm’s climate action and diversity and inclusion practices.

Timely ESG data shows that the company’s strengths were highlighted by the awards it received. That doesn’t mean that Kimberly-Clark shows strong outperformance across all ESG categories, as few companies do.  Here’s a closer look at the firm’s strengths that earned it recognition.

Kimberly-Clark won the category of Climate Action.  The company’s one-year ESG trend chart on the Truvalue Labs platform reveals key events that helped the firm win its prize:

  • Kimberly-Clark Invests $150 Million in Pennsylvania Mill Energy Upgrades /
  • Kimberly Clark points to recycling efforts in sustainability report / Recycling Today
  • EDF Renewable Energy and Kimberly-Clark Announce Commercial Operation at Rock Falls Wind Farm in the United States. / REVE

Overall, Kimberly-Clark’s performance is above average in the areas the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, or SASB, considers financially material for its industry of Household & Personal Products.

One reason for the above-average ESG performance is the category of Product Packaging, for which Kimberly-Clark is in the 60th percentile in its industry.

When its data is filtered to include only Environmental factors such as GHG emissions, Energy management, and Air quality, Kimberly-Clark’s performance continues to stand out.

Kimberly-Clark ESG trend chart

ESG trend chart for Kimberly-Clark

In that chart of custom factors, seen above, the firm’s long-term Insight score outperforms the industry average by between 7 and 14 points over the past year.  That’s a significant and sustained margin on the 100-point Truvalue Labs’ scale.

Kimberly-Clark wasn’t just celebrated for its Climate Action;  the company also was commended for its Diversity & Inclusion Program.

“Gender diversity today is increasingly the top topic at boardroom tables,” Ethical Corporation said. “Kimberly Clark over the last 2 years has increased their women leadership roles by 30% with clear commitment to follow up capacity building. Impressive impact and scalable. Judges look forward to seeing how this company evolves in the future as a model for others.”

Kimberly-Clark Working Mother recognition

Kimberly-Clark recognized for its record on Diversity.

Kimberly-Clark scores in the top quartile of its industry on several key Human Capital factors on the Truvalue Labs platform, including Diversity and Inclusion, for which it’s in the 78th percentile.  An example of supporting data can be seen above.

Of course, this record doesn’t guarantee Kimberly-Clark will continue to have a positive ESG record.  

But the company’s real-time performance can be investigated with timely ESG tools to confirm outperformance or areas in which it lags competitors.