This Week in “ESG During Coronavirus” – April 17, 2020

Blog April 17, 2020

Coronavirus ESG Monitor Screenshot - April 15 2020

Last week, Truvalue Labs introduced the Coronavirus ESG Monitor, an interactive dashboard surfacing key trends and insights on ESG implications of the pandemic.  The monitor includes COVID-19 signals that focus on five key areas: social impact, response, labor, supply chain, and economy and a broader COVID-19 Signal we’ve created that integrates with the 26 ESG topics as defined by the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB). 

This Week 

Since its recent peak in mid-March, the CBOE Market Volatility Index, or the VIX, has declined approximately 50%. This has likely been driven by global stimulus measures, as well as social distancing practices that have flattened the curve, leading new cases to peak in many geographic regions. 

However, peak volume of COVID-19 information captured by Truvalue Labs has dropped by 9%, and coronavirus-related information still represents over 60% of all volume, as shown in the chart below. The VIX is a measure of uncertainty, which makes us wonder whether the market has become more complacent about the novel coronavirus pandemic or if it is adapting to a new normal.


Who’s getting written about for positive ESG contributions during the coronavirus crisis? 

We also want to showcase the top 10 companies based on the volume of information (i.e., from stakeholders) using our COVID-19 Response Signal, which identifies companies shifting production to address the pandemic. 


We will continue to assess the data trends within our Coronavirus ESG Monitor. To stay on top of ESG implications of the coronavirus, visit the coronavirus page on our website and  subscribe to weekly Coronavirus ESG emails that feature key insights and noteworthy trends. 

For an explanation of the monitor, watch an on-demand webinar that walks through the high level findings and analysis.