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Bullish on fake meat? Taking stock of Beyond (BYND), Impossible, and herd of competitors

September 26, 2019

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Beyond Meat’s IPO demonstrated massive investor interest in the niche of plant-based products. In advance of a likely Impossible Foods IPO, here’s a review of the market, and an ESG assessment of key topics including Customer Welfare, GHG Emissions, and more. GHG Emissions is a particularly important data point as an enduring source of demand may prove to be consumers who enjoy meat but are concerned with climate change.

  • Customer Welfare: Are plant-based burgers “healthier” than meat? Does it matter to consumers? Is there a regulatory overhang?
  • ESG performance, including GHG Emissions, and examining carbon footprint as a driver of consumer behavior
  • Comparing Beyond and Impossible’s taste tests, valuation, and more
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Customer Welfare
GHG Emissions
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