Capital One Financial Corporation

Capital One Financial Corporation: “Who’s in your wallet?” Data security a key factor for hacked bank

August 1, 2019

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Capital One’s ESG performance charts on Truvalue Platform include notable past incidents related to Data Security and controls before its 106 million-person hack revealed this week.

  • Capital One’s overall score changes in the TTM period were 61% attributable to score changes in Data Security
  • Some security professionals say it is likely that Capital One failed to guard its customer data with the correct permissions
  • Researchers say other companies’ data was likely also hacked and published online by the same hacker
  • Settlement amounts for major hacking incidents have risen in recent years, with variable results for stock performance
  • The legal and regulatory environment may change to be tougher on companies that allow data theft in response to the COF hack, as New York’s AG vows to investigate
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