Democracy Disrupted & ESG Risk: A crisis for U.S. democratic institutions offers a chance to re-assess risk for social firms

January 14, 2021

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In the wake of violence at the U.S. Capitol, ESG signals demonstrate the connection between company action and societal struggle. The events have proved especially relevant for social media firms.

In a July 2020 research brief, we noted geopolitical risks are uniquely relevant for social media firms. That brief considered the question of whether social media might interfere with a second U.S. presidential election in a row.

The tail risks of social media firms are even more conspicuous six months on.  In this brief we examine:

  • ESG “Social” risks critical for social media firms that represent large chunk of benchmarks
  • “Social” in focus: Capitol insurrection caps off a year of “S” dominance in ESG data
  • Views of Capitol-related Spotlight Events for U.S. large-cap firms through ESG and U.N. Sustainable Development Goals lenses
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