eBay went astray, but is there hidden value in the Circular Economy?

March 27, 2019

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eBay faces a turning point as activist investor Elliot Management called out the online marketplace for “execution missteps and unclear focus” in a recent letter to eBay’s board of directors. We propose that if eBay return to its roots as a company by focusing on attracting new sellers of used goods, the company can regain share taken from start-ups and incumbent ventures. In this brief, we also discuss the following:

  • The carbon footprint of eBay and other US eCommerce companies, focusing on shipping-related emissions (Scope 3), and margin headwind scenarios should those externalities be internalized at various carbon prices
  • How eBay’s core business contributes to the Circular Economy and thus has an advantage with respect to structural long-term growth potential
    Combining positive ESG momentum and cheap valuation to uncover attractive investment opportunities

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