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Adani Power vs. Orsted A/S: Utility leaders and laggards on decarbonization

August 18, 2020

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Responsible Investor reports on research by Ulf Erlandsson, executive chair of the Swedish Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute, which asks if some ESG data providers are “missing the bigger picture” by ranking coal-burning Adani Power ahead of renewable giant Orsted A/S.

  • It is true that some ESG data providers have ranked coal-heavy Adani as a leader, ahead of firms with more renewables.
  • That is not the case for Truvalue Labs, which rates Adani Power as a bottom-quartile performer in its industry due to negative GHG Emissions scores.
  • Adani Power is negatively rated by Truvalue Labs, with the biggest driver of those scores the GHG Emissions category – the same category that makes Orsted above the average
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