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A new view of SDG alignment: Truvalue launches Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) data solution to measure corporate impact on stakeholders

November 23, 2020

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Around three quarters of large cap firms discuss SDGs in company reports, but far fewer, 14% of firms, set SDG-related targets, and only 1% actually report performance against targets, according to PwC.

Truvalue Labs’ novel SDG dataset provides timely SDG scores on 19,000+ companies, with a 13-year history.

  • This dataset captures stakeholder views from Big Data drawn from >100,000 sources
  • This outside-in view informs investors beyond more basic revenue-mapping data
  • The data serves to counterbalance company reports, as KPMG finds company SDG reporting to be positively skewed
  • Dynamic Materiality, based on actual data volume for companies, reveals which specific Goals are most relevant
  • SDG scores can be used to evaluate individual company performance on the SDGs, or how a portfolio contributes or detracts from the Goals
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