Twitter, Facebook & ByteDance: Unique social firm risks seen in ESG data

July 20, 2020

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In less than 30 days, three episodes have demonstrated new evidence of serious risks for social media firms.  ESG data can help investors understand the unique tail risks social media firms face, which may include serious consequences.

  • Three ESG categories capture majority of attention for ByteDance, Twitter, Facebook, revealing key areas within social firms’ Dynamic Materiality™ footprint
  • These categories, Customer Privacy, Data Security, and Selling Practices and Product Labelling, amount to more than half of data volume for Facebook and Twitter over the past two years
  • Since not all social platform firms are categorized within the same industry, we assemble them as a cohort given their visibility, business risks, and importance to society
Internet Media and Services
Software & IT Services

Material Categories
Customer Privacy
Data Security
Selling Practices and Product Labeling