New Research from Truvalue Labs™ Shows Performance Advantage of Firm’s ESG Data

Press Release June 13, 2018

Company Announces Expanded Dataset and Partnership with Leading Academic Research Institutions

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / June 13, 2018 /  Truvalue Labs, the San Francisco-based leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-driven environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, has released a new research report that incorporates an unprecedented 11-year historical dataset on the full investable universe of U.S. stocks. The study shows that alpha-generating “signals” derived from Truvalue Labs’ ESG data significantly outperform the Russell 1000® index over time.

“This study is possible because of the five years Truvalue Labs spent in collecting the unstructured text data sources and refining the machine learning algorithms to cleanly detect the signals in this one-of-a-kind dataset,” said Dr. Stephen Malinak, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Truvalue Labs. “This study confirms the positive impact our data can have on investment returns over a larger investment universe dataset and longer time horizon.”

The study, “New Alpha from ESG 2.0™ Factors“, examines the impact that Truvalue Labs’ data has on investment strategies and confirms that the company’s ESG factors enable significant annual outperformance vs. the Russell 1000® index for over a 10-year period. Truvalue Labs’ ESG methodology incorporates both positive and negative company actions calculated on a daily basis and thereby provides investors with more timely, actionable information in their investment decisions.

Truvalue Labs has also announced the launch of its Academic Research Network partnership which provides Truvalue Lab’s ESG data to some of the world’s leading academic institutions. Participating universities include leading academic faculty specializing in ESG and sustainability research from business schools, finance departments and environmental science schools at Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, The University of Oxford, Maastricht University, and University of Pennsylvania, among others.

“We’re excited to be providing these prestigious academic institutions and researchers with access to our full historical dataset. Their use of our data validates Truvalue’s approach in this space and enables research teams to explore various investment theses that were not possible to test before,” said Dr. Jim Hawley, Head of Applied Research at Truvalue Labs.

“Truvalue Labs’ ESG data will be instrumental for an upcoming research project, which seeks to understand how big data and machine learning approaches can be used to better understand firm behavior, future strategy and market participant expectations,” said George Serafeim, Jakurski Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School.


About Truvalue Labs™

Truvalue Labs is the first company to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover timely and material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information at scale. The company’s mission is to deliver increased transparency to investment professionals by providing data and analytics that go beyond traditional fundamentals. The flagship product, Insight360™, delivers investable insights by revealing intangible value and risk factors from unstructured data at the speed of current events. Visit to learn more about the SaaS and API products.



Lauren Herman
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