Truvalue Labs™ Launches ESG Event Detection Solution Powered by AI

Press Release January 24, 2019

Spotlight” is first-of-its kind for investment industry; saves investors research time

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / January 24, 2019 / Truvalue Labs, the pioneer in AI-driven environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data, today announced the launch of Spotlight™, a tool that automatically identifies key positive and negative significant ESG events in unstructured data sources.

Spotlight is a first-of-its-kind AI-based ESG event detection solution that helps investors see which events are impacting a company’s valuation. The new algorithm augments research workflows by automatically identifying significant events and relevant financially material factors for companies, portfolios, sectors, industries, and benchmarks. Investment professionals can easily review these Spotlight events and download them to share with colleagues.

“Spotlight solves some significant challenges that research analysts face,” said Daniel Rourke, Vice President and Senior Research Analyst at Calvert Research & Management. “On any given day, there is a flood of information in the market on the companies that I cover.  Seeing the most material, relevant ESG events on a timeline makes it easier to digest the information, spot trends, and evaluate whether a company is responding in a way that is likely to create value for longer term investors like Calvert.”

Truvalue Labs’ AI-powered ESG engine processes events as they occur, drawing on more than 100,000 sources and categorizing them using the industry-leading framework of the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board™ (SASB™). Spotlight, a patent-pending technology solution, is now integrated into the Truvalue Platform™, providing users with immediate access to the event detection algorithm.

“Spotlight is at the heart of our mission: augmenting investors’ intelligence with transparent data that helps them evaluate ESG and intangible risks and opportunities,” said Hendrik Bartel, Co-founder and CEO of Truvalue Labs. “Spotlight is the first release of a series of innovations from Truvalue Labs as we further expand our work on event studies and predictive analytics.”


About Truvalue Labs™
Truvalue Labs is the first company to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to uncover timely and material Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information at scale. The company’s mission is to deliver increased transparency to investment professionals by providing data and analytics that go beyond traditional fundamentals. It is backed by investors including Series A round lead Katalyst Ventures, based in San Francisco. The flagship products, Truvalue Platform™, Truvalue Data™ and Truvalue Cloud™, deliver investable insights by revealing value and risk factors from unstructured data at the speed of current events. Visit to learn more about the SaaS and API products.



Lauren Herman
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