Let us do the heavy lifting

Empower your investment team with new insights from your own research library.

Outsource AI and get started right away

You deliver the dataset, we do the processing and analyzing with our AI Engine. Visualize the results with interactive charts and company scorecards.

Find material trends in unstructured data

Easily categorize all ESG-relevant information in your troves of data according to the SASB materiality framework, which identifies financially material factors by industry.

Efficiently uncover risks and opportunities

Rapidly reduce the cost of processing and analyzing large volumes of unstructured data, and surfacing underlying patterns. Identify themes and recurring issues.

Identify new sources of alpha with insights from your data

Monetize your proprietary research by locating hidden signals in unstructured data. Combine with Truvalue Labs’ robust big data universe as desired to produce proprietary factors.

How it works

Truvalue Labs’ algorithms identify material issues and quantifies them, producing analytics that uncover new insights in your proprietary data.

Cloud Solutions

Tailored options to fit your firm’s workflow.

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