Truvalue Spotlight Events™ Data Service

Power your strategies with data on the most significant ESG events

Discover what's significant

We consolidate oceans of information to identify the most significant ESG events—both positive and negative.

Manage risks & uncover opportunities

Efficiently review daily headlines, story summaries, and scores 

Identify targets for engagement

Assess a company’s ESG risk exposure and identify issues for engagement

Focus on SASB's material factors

See what issues are emerging by SASB’s 26 categories 

Monitor ESG controversies

Reduce blind spots and manage ESG and business conduct risk in your investment universe

Develop new systematic strategies

Incorporate material and timely ESG events data into your trading strategies.

Streamline reporting

Easily integrate significant ESG events into your reporting

Increase efficiency across your organization

  • Integrate ESG event monitoring into your internal system
  • Review article summaries and drill into sources
  • Filter events by positive, negative, volume and impact
  • Develop new ESG trading strategies

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