Transparent, cost-efficient exposure to unique ESG factors

Truvalue Index service is designed to help investors align investment and ESG objectives.

Tailored to your objectives

Choose from a range of benchmarks to align your investment and ESG objectives.

A modern ESG dataset

Leverage the power of Truvalue Labs’ timely, objective data that looks at company ESG behavior from the “outside-in.”

Work the way you want

Our flexible business model allows you to use our data to create an index or you can license a Truvalue Index.

Solactive Truvalue ESG United States Index

The first ESG benchmark constructed with real-time AI-driven ESG data.

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ESG investment solutions

Asset Managers

Manage funds tracking indices that integrate Truvalue Data™

Asset Owners

Create custom benchmarks to implement your ESG policy

Fund Sponsors

Launch funds to meet the growing demand for ESG investment

Index Providers

License Truvalue Data to create proprietary ESG indices

Choose from a variety of ESG strategies

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