Asset Managers

We were the first to deliver ESG data based on the SASB Materiality Framework™. Our AI-powered ESG solution is proven to drive market outperformance.

How is Truvalue Labs™ used at Asset Managers?

Idea Generation & Portfolio Construction

Identify new investment opportunities and uncover risks with powerful search and transparent access to company ESG activity in real time.

Company Research

Cut through the noise and optimize your time. Quickly identify trends before they erupt into major controversies.

Portfolio Analysis

Track overall portfolio performance across material ESG factors and drill down to individual holdings to better understand the drivers of ESG performance.

Alerts and Reporting

Manage risk and avoid being blindsided with timely ESG alerts. Share ESG insights with clients and colleagues using configurable company reports.

Case Study

Calvert Research & Management

A Registered Investment Adviser focused on Responsible Investing

Calvert is continually looking for advanced and creative ways to understand corporate performance on ESG issues, particularly from sources that provide insight beyond corporate disclosure and reporting.

“Seeing the most material, relevant ESG events on a timeline makes it easier to digest the information, spot trends, and evaluate whether a company is responding in a way that is likely to create value for longer term investors like Calvert.”

Daniel Rourke
Chief Responsible Investment Officer
Vice President and Senior Research Analyst
Calvert Research & Management

Measure ESG risk and performance in real time with Truvalue Platform

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