Private Markets

Harnessing the power of AI to uncover ESG insights for private markets.

More Than Ever, ESG Matters

The financial community knows that sustainability factors such as climate change, diversity, privacy and corporate governance have real financial impacts on a company’s cost of capital and operating condition. Increasingly, investors are seeking reliable, high quality data on ESG profiles of companies around the world.

Despite the growing demand for information, finding reliable data on material ESG factors is challenging, as this data is not subject to the same reporting standards as other financial data and is often lagging.

This is especially true for private capital markets.

Supporting Your Workflow

Deal Prospecting

Aid in idea generation and quantify stakeholder ESG risks and opportunities during deal sourcing.

Due Diligence

Conduct industry, sector and peer comparison research across ESG issues.

Monitoring and Management

Support portfolio analysis and risk management through customized alerts and reports.

LP Reporting

Provide timely and insightful perspectives on portfolio risk exposure and opportunities for external reporting.

Credit Risk Analysis

Gain predictive insights on material credit events to better inform credit risk analysis and M&A/refinancing considerations.

Portfolio Engagement

Uncover emerging and material ESG issues for better discussions with portfolio companies.

"Truvalue Labs offers a new approach to ESG investing and research with a high quality technology platform that quantifies vast amounts of unstructured and intangible ESG and risk related data. Their innovative use of AI and their ability to harvest large arrays of constantly updated data, create an original source of information in an ESG field starved for high quality feeds and high quality options.”

Michael Even
Former CEO and Chairman, Man-Numeric