Quantitative Managers

Uncover new sources of alpha, separate the signals from the noise, and find opportunities to outperform.

Performance advantage of Truvalue Labs’ ESG data

In our study, Performance Tests of Volume, Insight and ESG Activity Signals, we test the effectiveness of Truvalue Labs’ timely ESG signals as screening tools and quantitative “alpha” factors against a wide variety of global and regional equity benchmarks.  

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Study confirms that Truvalue Labs’ factors enable significant annual outperformance vs. worldwide benchmarks from 2008-2019.


How is Truvalue Labs™ used at Quantitative Managers?

Alpha Testing

Tap into a world of new data with more than 10 years of history. Separate the signals from the noise and uncover opportunities to outperform.

Portfolio Construction

Create new index and smart beta strategies. Truvalue Labs’ ESG data is uncorrelated and additive to common quant strategies.

Risk Management

Easily integrate ESG factors into your risk management strategy. Monitor portfolios and companies with timely, transparent ESG risk data.

Create your own unique ESG score

Choose from SASB’s 26 material categories to create your own custom ESG score that matches your strategy or mandate.

"Truvalue Labs offers a new approach to ESG investing and research with a high quality technology platform that quantifies vast amounts of unstructured and intangible ESG and risk related data. Their innovative use of AI and their ability to harvest large arrays of constantly updated data, create an original source of information in an ESG field starved for high quality feeds and high quality options.”

Michael Even
Former CEO and Chairman, Man-Numeric

Uncover new sources of alpha using Truvalue Data

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