A competitive edge

Alternative data and the means to harness it have become must-haves for investment managers seeking superior market returns. Experts agree that leveraging alternative data sets will separate the winners from pack.

“In order to generate sustained alpha, investors should embrace acquiring, analyzing, and understanding the fast-growing universe of data. Those who are unable to run the risk of falling behind in a rapidly changing investment landscape.”

The information advantage



Alternative data enables you to see hidden connections between companies and across industries for a competitive information edge over others.

Leverage AI today

You don’t need to hire a team of AI experts and data scientists to build a solution from scratch. Truvalue Labs™ has done the heavy lifting with our AI-powered analytics engine that collects unstructured data from a vast universe of sources, extracts relevant metrics and turns them into meaningful insights.

Ready to deploy

Years of development in our AI-powered analytics engine that you can leverage today.

Human expertise

Deep subject matter expertise in ESG, intangible risk factors and performance materiality.


Pre-built hundreds of signals on over 10 years of back data globally.


Fully integrated industry-standard, material ESG factors from SASB™.

Fits into your workflow

Quite simply, there’s no reason to fear being left behind or to invest in a lengthy development project with little assurance of success. The solution to your alternative data needs is available now, and the advantages are just waiting to be seized.

Benefits of integrating TVL Alternative Data

Idea Generation

Data delivered with higher frequency. Provides objective recommendations on companies to focus on. Better signal trends, leading to better investment decisions.

Company Evaluation

Additional information enhances evaluations and analyses, leading to better decision on the target price and timing.

Portfolio Construction

Higher frequency of alternative data means asset managers can conduct evaluation earlier and hence purchase target assets at a better price.

Portfolio Management

Frequent inflow of data allows better monitoring of portfolio and prediction of trends, enhancing speed and accuracy of management.