Trends shaping asset management

Truvalue Labs™ is at the epicenter of three major trends shaping the asset investment management industry: the rise of ESG integration, the exponential growth of unstructured data and major advances in the field of artificial intelligence.

ESG Integration

The first to deliver ESG analytics based on SASB’s Materiality Framework™, our ESG solution is proven to drive outperformance.

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Alternative Data

Intangible factors now drive the majority of company value, and harnessing alternative data is key for a competitive advantage.

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Artificial Intelligence

Our customizable AI engine uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze unstructured data in real time.

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Shaping the new investment fundamentals

Truvalue Labs provides investors with real-time insights on how companies are managing intangible factors that have a material impact on value. We use machine-learning techniques to sift through millions of data points each month, delivering a robust and timely set of data and analytics to power decision-making.

Speed of current events

Unlike traditional ESG data sets that are focused on annual ratings and periodic corporate disclosure, Truvalue Labs monitors company ESG behavior at the speed of current events.

An outside-in approach

Most ESG data is derived from company-provided materials, an inside-out perspective, while Truvalue Labs captures the views of analysts, advocacy groups, and government regulators, all as published by independent media.

Risk and opportunities

With a focus on both positive ESG behavior as well as controversies, Truvalue Labs goes beyond risk identification by uncovering opportunities hidden in unstructured data.

Focused on materiality

Truvalue Labs is the first solution that delivers analytics on ESG factors identified by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) as having a material impact on company value by industry and sector.

Results matter. Truvalue Labs delivers.

In exhaustive backtesting, Truvalue Labs has proven that incorporation of timely data that focuses on actual company ESG activity can generate above-average returns.

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